CBS Panel Has “No Love” For Biden

The left-wing media is still not supporting President Joe Biden because they shouldn’t. There’s nothing to support. The economy is getting worse even though job numbers are substantial. How does that even happen? The supply chain is getting worse, especially with Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate at their border, causing a chaotic situation for truckers carrying products across the border.

The hosts couldn’t say one good thing about Biden on CBS’ Face the Nation.

Margaret Brennan said, “All of you are saying no, even though the jobs picture is brighter, even though the direction of the economic recovery is happening.”

Inflation is the part that’s killing America. Inflation is up 7%. It’s not slowing down, and there’s no evidence that it will.

A person described as “Mildred, 2020 Biden Voter” said, “I think this whole country is suffering from COVID fatigue at this point. It has become confusing and depressing.”

Yes and no.

COVID fatigue sounds like a real thing. Not knowing the country’s future and dealing with local, state, and federal government mandates and legislation has been rigid. It is primarily due to politicians not allowing the country to bounce back. Not every idea, Democrat or Republican, is a good idea. We’ve seen the Democrat takeover, and it’s getting old. Though Democrats have power right now, they don’t have to utilize every second of our day complaining about the party that’s not in power. It seems redundant, but it needs to be said.

Then there are sensitive liberal feelings that can’t handle reality and can’t emotionally hold themselves up during regular times, much less stress. Given that the future is uncertain and lockdowns could happen any day, although they’re usually planned, it’s understandable why liberals would have a hard time with this type of environment.

The panel was also asked if the participants were affected by inflation. Mildred responded that her grocery bill was doubled and said, “Everything has gone up!”

Of course, it had. Anyone who thought Biden would enter the White House, wave a magical wand, and heal the country is an imbecile. That was never going to happen, no matter which President was elected. It was always going to be a rough road to go down.

The only difference is how the elected leader chose to act and what legislation they decided to push forward. Thus far, Biden has chosen to use his position in the federal government to take as much control as possible. The Supreme Court has blocked his efforts on multiple occasions, telling you everything you need to know about Biden’s leadership style. It sucks.

A good idea doesn’t have to be forced, just as a promising vaccine doesn’t either. Former President Donald Trump, say what you want about him, was starting to turn the country around. Given Biden’s positions with foreign policy and domestic policy, you have to look at the facts and see that Trump was much better equipped to handle the job in these tumultuous times.