CDC Director Does Not Want To Admit The Pandemic Is Over

Earlier this month, Joe Biden raised a lot of eyebrows when he declared during an interview that the COVID-19 pandemic has wrapped up. Biden took heat from this not because the nation is still operating in pandemic mode, but because his words don’t match his actions.

It’s been pointed out on numerous occasions that if the pandemic is over, then Biden shouldn’t be using pandemic-adjacent emergency orders to forgive student loan debt.

Likewise, the end of the COVID-19 pandemic removes any argument for vaccine mandates, meaning that US service members who were fired for not taking this shot should get their jobs back.

Instead, it appears as though Biden declared the pandemic to be over because this helps Democrats ahead of the midterms. Meanwhile, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky is doing everything she can to not admit the pandemic has ended.

Walensky on the COVID-19 Pandemic
While speaking with ABC News, the CDC director gave roundabout answers when directly asked about Biden’s comments on the pandemic.

Walensky stated America is in a “different place” than we were in 2020 and 2021. She then proceeded to talk about businesses and schools being open, along with lower death rates and natural immunity.

Later, the CDC director emphasized that the agency is continuing to work on making COVID-19 booster shots available.

However, ABC News followed up, this time asking Walensky if she disagrees with Biden’s claim that this pandemic is done.

Again, the CDC director refused to give a direct answer. She simply stressed the importance of Americans protecting themselves from COVID-19, getting vaccinated, and using various medications to stay healthy if they do come down with the virus.

A Loss of Trust in the CDC
Within the past two years, many Americans have lost trust in the CDC.​​ The health organization has been repeatedly slammed for promoting restrictions and other measures that hurt society, without stopping the virus.

Now, following Walensky’s ABC News interview, some Americans have suggested it wouldn’t be advantageous to the CDC to announce the end of COVID-19 and lose attention from the press.

All things considered, the CDC has a long way to go in regaining the collective trust of the nation. At this rate, the damage to the organization’s reputation may not be something it can come back from.