Charlamagne Opens Up To Megyn Kelly About Political Pressures

In a candid conversation on Megyn Kelly’s SiriusXM podcast, Charlamagne tha God, also known as Lenard Larry McKelvey, discussed his recent appearance on The View and his reluctance to openly endorse President Joe Biden.

Kelly wasted no time in addressing the pressure Charlamagne faced from the hosts of The View to endorse Biden.

During the interview, Charlamagne expressed his dissatisfaction with the current two-party system, emphasizing the need for better candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties. He explained, “I’m not a fan” when it comes to publicly backing Biden, highlighting his desire for more options beyond the binary choice presented by the major parties.

Charlamagne highlighted the cultural pressure to align with one extreme or the other, noting the backlash he faced for advocating for exploring alternative candidates. He recounted an exchange with Whoopi Goldberg on The View, where he mentioned third-party candidates, only to be met with resistance. “It’s almost like there’s either one of two extremes,” he remarked.

Kelly echoed Charlamagne’s observations about the coercive atmosphere on The View, where he felt pressured to endorse Biden. “They were really pressing you… like, you’ve got some magic wand that’s going to turn this thing,” Kelly remarked, reflecting on the intensity of the hosts’ insistence.

Reflecting on the broader political landscape, Charlamagne criticized the limitations of the two-party system in fostering genuine enthusiasm for candidates. “If these parties want people to be more energized about their candidates, maybe they should run better candidates,” he quipped, highlighting the need for systemic change in American politics.

Despite the pressure and scrutiny, Charlamagne maintained his stance on maintaining objectivity and exploring all available options, refusing to be swayed by external expectations. As he humorously remarked, “I didn’t know I would be Captain Save-a-Joe in an election.”

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