Chet Hanks Doesn’t Back Down When Asked To Apologize For “Cultural Appropriation”

Chet Hanks, actor and son of Tom Hanks, said that social justice warriors can “go kick rocks” while on Ziwe Fumudoh’s podcast. Hanks is being accused of “cultural appropriation” and isn’t giving in to the social justice warriors.

During the interview, Fumudoh asked, “Are there any marginalized communities you want to apologize to? I don’t know, maybe the Patois community?”

Hanks recently used a Jamaican Patois accent in some videos on Instagram and in an entrance at the Golden Globes.

Hanks responded, “Nah. I don’t feel like I’ve truly done anything offensive.”

Ziwe then asked, “You don’t see it as cultural appropriation? You see it as a celebration of culture?

Hanks said, “Mhm.”

Hanks didn’t actually do anything wrong, though. Imagine if Hanks had used an English or Australian accent. Would he be culturally appropriating those cultures?

Hanks then said, “Yeah, yeah,” when asked if social justice warriors can kick rocks. Ziwe pressed Hanks and said, “No, I one hundred percent agree. Social justice warriors can kick rocks.”

It’s obvious that there were plenty of people who laughed at Hanks and didn’t take it personally. The overreaction is just that, an overreaction.