Chicago Dispatcher Tells Everything That’s Wrong With The City

There’s been an uprising in police departments that’s come up very quietly among officers, dispatchers, paramedics, and firefighters that may go unrealized by the public. The first responders know that there are times when they’re on their own. They have no backup, and the citizens have no protection. It’s not the fault of the departments. It’s the fault of Democrat politicians who want to make it as difficult as possible to be a first responder and somehow suggest that they’re racist and beat up on Black Americans. The facts suggest otherwise.

A 911 dispatcher in Chicago, Illinois, posted on Facebook after getting tired of the Mayor making the city unsafe.

The gist of the message is, “All that lady cares about is her f***ing self.”

Keith Thornton Jr. Posted a 30 minute Facebook video warning the city that police presence in specific areas in Chicago is unmanned with police officers. Thornton said that the 16th District is in grave danger, covering many neighborhoods.

Thornton also posted a Facebook post saying, “If you are a Chicagoan, living here or doing business here, even just visiting as a tourist, your safety is compromised and in jeopardy.”

The former police officer lives in Chicago and knows that the city is getting more dangerous, and the Mayor is at fault. Thornton said that Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a “bully” and that the Chief of Police, David Brown, has his hands tied behind his back.

Thornton said this is happening even while Lightfoot is stripping officers of their duties because they aren’t disclosing their COVID-19 vaccine status.

Thorton continued to explain he posted the video, December 24, 2021, Christmas Eve. A minimal number of squad cars were supposed to work in a large area. Some squad cars were one-person units, making it hazardous for that officer.

It isn’t a new occurrence in police departments. It happens when necessary, and it’s not the officers who refuse to respond to calls, but they get the worst of the public complaints and try to appease the public.

Now, let’s assume that these officers have to arrest someone. It takes at least 1.5 hours to stop someone, take them to jail, and process them. Now add in paperwork and a, hopefully, smooth process. That’s the minimum but certainly not the maximum. Assume a fight in the jail or someone needs medical help, which extends the process considerably.

The Mayor doesn’t have to respond to these calls. She tells the public that everything is fine then begs for help from outside agencies to help with their emergency calls.

Long story short, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has drastically changed the city for the worse, and people are taking notice. The Facebook video that Thorton recorded is worth a watch.