Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Stopped From Forcing Police Officers To Get The Covid-19 Vaccine

You must love seeing Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lose. It was only months ago that Lightfoot was clashing with the police union over the Covid-19 vaccine mandate that had questionable legal tactics, and now she’s having to back down. After courts have stopped the implementation of Covid-19 vaccine mandates not only for employers with 100 employees or more, a federal court has put a hold on healthcare workers.

It would be an understatement to suggest that Chicago is low on the criminal spectrum. Chicago’s violent crime rate is 164% higher than the national average, so it’s no wonder you see people across the country chiming in on the city’s local politics.

Police officers didn’t want to get the Covid-19 vaccine, and the police union-backed them. The survival rate of the Covid-19 virus and the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine make the virus extremely survivable. There are plenty of resources available for those who wish to use them to survive the virus even without the Covid-19 vaccine. Although there is data to suggest that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe, there is also data to tell that the vaccine isn’t as secure as the government claims to be from the Center for Disease Control. Side effects are expected, but the government forcing you to roll the dice on the Covid-19 vaccine isn’t something that any Americans should be okay with.

RedState reported, “The City of Chicago has dropped its lawsuit Wednesday against the police union in its fight over a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city employees. The city claims the complaint became unnecessary as more officers complied, but it comes a month after a judge embarrassed Mayor Lori Lightfoot by suspending her December 31 deadline. In October, Chicago had sued the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7, accusing President John Catanzara of encouraging an ‘illegal strike’ by encouraging officers to disobey the order.”

Courts have impressed millions as they stop the ridiculous mandates. Most Americans aren’t against the Covid-19 vaccine, but the number of Americans against the Covid-19 vaccine mandates is growing, and the court system is following along.

Policing and healthcare workers are essential now more than ever. Crime is rising, and if the Covid-19 virus is as nasty as people say it is, they would want to ensure enough healthcare employees in hospitals. The left demands don’t add up with their expectations.