China And Russia Slam US Foreign Policy In Joint Statement, Vow To Increase Cooperation

China and Russia issued a joint statement on Thursday, condemning U.S. foreign policy and vowing to deepen their strategic partnership in the face of what they perceive as American hegemony.

The statement, released during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Beijing, accused the U.S. of maintaining Cold War-era practices and creating security threats for all countries in the region.

The two countries pledged to increase diplomatic ties with Afghanistan and urged the U.S. and NATO to assist in the reconstruction of the country. They also called on the U.S. to abandon its attempts to change the balance of power in Northeast Asia by building up military power and creating military blocs and coalitions.

In the statement, Russia and China expressed their intention to deepen trust and cooperation in the military field, expand joint exercises and combat training, and conduct regular joint sea and air patrols. They also plan to increase coordination and cooperation on a bilateral basis and within multilateral formats.

The partnership between Russia and China has grown stronger in recent years, as both countries face increasing pressure from the U.S. and its allies. China has provided Russia with diplomatic support and advanced technology with both civilian and military uses, while also becoming an increasingly important economic partner for Russia amid Western sanctions.

The joint statement serves as a clear indication of the deepening ties between China and Russia and their shared opposition to U.S. foreign policy, as they navigate an increasingly complex geopolitical landscape.

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