China Has Just Sanctioned Nancy Pelosi

The Chinese Communist Party has been very clear in its view that Taiwan is part of China. Despite Taiwan’s status as its own island nation, China believes Taiwan needs to be unified with the communist regime and is willing to make this unification happen by force.

In light of this perception of Taiwan, China is very sensitive to anything that shows respect or legitimacy to Taiwan as its own nation. This explains why the communist regime threatened to shoot the plane of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) out of the sky if she dared to visit Taiwan.

Despite threats from the communist regime, Pelosi went to Taiwan anyway, affirming America’s support for the island nation. China didn’t follow through on its threats against Pelosi, yet is still seething over the visit.

As a result, China has now levied sanctions against the House Speaker.

What to Know About China’s Sanctions Against Pelosi
On Friday, the Chinese Communist Party confirmed that its government sanctioned Pelosi, along with her immediate relatives. In doing so, the autocratic regime accused Pelosi of being both “provocative” and “vicious” in going through with her trip to Taiwan.

As a result of China’s sanctions against the House Speaker, neither she or her relatives will be able to make investments in the country or otherwise conduct business there. Traveling to China is also out of the question for Pelosi and her family.

In addition to these sanctions, China accused the United States of treating other nations “like George Floyd” via strangling them.

Meanwhile, the communist regime also decided to stop working with America on various geopolitical affairs like transnational crime, climate change, and immigration.

Little Concern From Pelosi
Thus far, the House Speaker hasn’t shown much concern about the sanctions imposed on her by the Chinese. In fact, throughout Pelosi’s political career, she’s repeatedly opposed China on various issues.

After returning from Taiwan, Pelosi said the objective of her visit was to show that America stands with Taiwan and for democracy. The House Speaker also made it clear that she doesn’t intend for China to bully US officials into not visiting Taiwan.

Since Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, there have been growing questions about how China may ultimately move against the island nation.