China Thumbs Nose At Biden, Does What He Told Them Not To With Act Of War

The world has less respect for the United States than they ever have as President Joe Biden continues to embarrass the U.S. with almost everything he does.

Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan has serious long-term effects on how foreign enemies react with military force, and it’s showing itself in Taiwan. The Chinese have continued their military “training” near Taiwan in possible preparations to invade and regain Taiwan as their own. Taiwan has declared its independence and even has its language, but the Chinese government has contested that Taiwan belongs to them and wants to reintegrate them into Chinese culture.

Biden’s administration has said it’s very concerned with the Chinese military’s interactions with Taiwan, and Taiwan is asking for help in preparation for war with China. The U.S. has urged China to stop the flyby training, but the U.S. also asked the Taliban for permission to get U.S. citizens out of Afghanistan. Can military leadership get any weaker? It’s embarrassing to the greatest military the world has ever seen.

The Chinese have already told the United States to stay out of the fight. Maybe General Mark Milley can call China and ask them to stop or tell them when the U.S. will attack. And it is the most irritating aspect of it all. The U.S. has a top military official that bragged in a book about calling the Chinese government and telling them he would alert them of any attack under President Donald Trump’s administration. He’s still in charge at a time like this. The U.S. needs solid and accountable leadership when other countries try to check us, and we don’t see that.

The United States has already stated that it will assist Taiwan in promoting peace in the Taiwan Strait, but does Taiwan believe us? And should they? If Afghanistan is any example, every country in the world should be afraid of trusting the United States under Biden’s administration, and they have a good reason.

Former President Donald Trump was respected by world leaders with his foreign policies, and he focused on accountability for wrongdoing. Trump had peace deals throughout the middle east which hadn’t been seen before. He even met with North Korea’s Prime Minister, which was also unheard of. The Biden administration hasn’t been strong in any capacity.