Chuck Schumer Caught Panicking On Hot Mic

Senate elections aren’t going so well for Democrats. In the closing phase of the midterms, Democrats are losing ground and embarrassing themselves in debates. It doesn’t help matters that Democrats are also running under a president who is deeply unpopular.

Many Democrats were banking on keeping the Senate. After all, various Senate elections in battleground states showed Democrats leading. Yet, as time passes, the polls show Republicans are winning more support from voters and closing the leads that Democrats previously enjoyed.

This is becoming so apparent that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was heard talking to Joe Biden about it on a hot mic.

Democrats’ True Feelings About November
In interviews with the media, many Democrats say they’re confident in winning next month’s races and Republicans aren’t going to stop them. Yet, when the cameras aren’t rolling, Democrats are singing a very different tune.

In New York, Schumer told Biden that Democrats are facing trouble in states like Georgia and Pennsylvania. He then tried to downplay this for the president’s benefit by claiming the debate between the GOP’s Mehmet Oz and Democrats’ John Fetterman didn’t hurt the left as much as it could have.

Schumer’s admission of Democrats facing trouble comes as the party is notably losing Independent voters. The left’s refusal to be honest about the economy or lay out comprehensive economic solutions plays a role in polls that show the GOP is more trusted on this issue.

Though the Senate Majority Leader was caught on a hot mic speaking to Biden, the latter’s response was not heard.

No Strategy From Biden
As the midterm elections wrap up, the president almost seems to be intentionally sabotaging his own party.

Just earlier this week, Biden outright lied about gas prices, alleging they were at more than $5.00 when he first got into office. The average cost of gas was less than half this much in January 2021, but Biden didn’t let that stop him.

As the president lies about gas prices, he’s also giving interviews endorsing the medical mutilation and sterilization of children. This is not a popular view and it certainly doesn’t endear Americans to support Democrats.

Republicans are using what’s left in the midterms to not only promote America First policies, but also warn about the danger of letting Biden’s party retain control of Congress.