Chuck Todd Says He’s Working For The Biden Administration

Chuck Todd isn’t someone you could describe as bi-partisan in any way, shape, or form, but it seems that he, as well as other news anchors and media outlets, are turning a new page coming into 2022 like a light switch went off, and they’re singing to a different tune.

After President Joe Biden’s bizarre comments about there not being a federal solution to COVID-19, which is a good thing, and Biden saying 2020 rather than 2022, it seems the leftist news is puzzled and can’t figure out how they’re going to proceed.

Todd said, “Biden’s two big promises were to get COVID behind us and to get rid of Donald Trump. COVID’s not behind us, and Donald Trump’s still lurking. It’s not his fault, but is that why we’re in this no man’s land here for him?”

Wait, for him? It seems Todd let out a little too much information with his comments there. Todd admitted to working for Biden rather than for the people.

Then, there are Todd’s ridiculous claims. Biden can’t get rid of Trump, and neither can anyone else. There isn’t credible information linking Trump to the January 6 Capitol Riot or anything else. If there were, Adam Schiff (D-CA) wouldn’t have to doctor evidence to try and convince anyone that Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mark Meadows were doing anything. Couldn’t Schiff have just presented the evidence as he found it? That would be hard, though, because there doesn’t seem to be any actual evidence.

Todd commented on Biden’s January 6th anniversary speech, which could be described as partisan and elementary. Rather than a speech, it seemed like a lecture to Republicans to get out of the way and make sure that nobody steps out of line again.

Todd said Biden had to make the speech for “history’s sake.” Todd claimed that it was for people on the side of democracy. Still, it’s interesting that there are many on the side of democracy, but I also don’t believe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, which wasn’t even at the Capitol on January 6.

Todd also said, “If you think that speech was partisan, then you believe the former president’s lies. It’s only a partisan speech if you think there’s somehow a genuine dispute here.”

No, it’s only a partisan speech if you disagree with what Biden had to say. Todd truly believes that Biden is doing well, right?

Opinion in the United States is still legal. You can’t force a political view or idea, and you certainly can’t force anyone to vote in the direction they want. Freedom will prevail regardless of what Biden has to say.

Instead of seeing Republican pushback as their desire for America to fail, Democrat policies and failures make America fail. Inflation and foreign losses are causing Biden’s administration to panic, and they really can’t do anything right when they panic. Their heart rate goes way up, and they can’t think straight. It won’t be long before they have more Democrat pushback, and you will see a bright red wave in the 2022 midterm election.