Citizens Put On A Spectacular Fireworks Display After The Mayor Banned Celebrations In Naples

If not the world, the entire United States sees a rebellion against governments that’s fascinating, and during New Year’s Eve, it was beautiful.

Cities that banned fireworks displays and outlawed fireworks for average citizens saw huge displays from backyards across the city because they didn’t care anymore about what the government said. They’ll put on their fireworks when the city won’t.

In Italy, a city ordinance was issued for Naples that banned fireworks. The city ordinance says, “The usage and detonation of fireworks, firecrackers, barrels, rockets, and similar pyrotechnic devices, even if openly sold, throughout the city from 16:00 on December 31, 2021, to 24:00 on January 1, 2022.”

Why, though?

Mayor Gaetano Manfredi said that it was because of injuries to people, animals, and property and the “artistic and historical cultural heritage of the Municipality of Naples.” The mayor also says that the ordinance should stop the uptick in hospitalizations. The best part of this is that the mayor included pollution for a reason. Seriously? Pollution?

And, of course, COVID-19 and crowded places were noted for a reason as well. We saw that coming.

When the city cancels its show, the government tells the public that it cannot use a legally obtained item to celebrate the new year.

What happened was a glorious display of fireworks that can be seen here. You can tell that they respect their government’s authoritarian approach to celebrating a yearly holiday.

You can’t take things like this away from any citizen in any country across the world. There’s going to be a prominent stand against the government that will be greater than anything the city could have put on before. The city would have been better off to put on their display and allow people to attend if they wished. That’s the only way forward. COVID-19 is becoming a background topic in the real world, and governments are going to have to sit back and shut up, or there’s going to be backlash.