Climate Change Protesters Violently Opposed At College Football Game

On Saturday, a group of approximately 60 climate change protesters was met with violent opposition from Yale University fans in the stands during a football game.

The student protesters belonged to an organization known as Fossil Free Penn, which has been pressuring the University of Pennsylvania to completely distance itself from fossil fuels.

Before rushing the field, the group sat in the stands during the first half and protested with banners. Videos emerged showing two adult Yale fans ripping a banner away from the student protesters.

As the two sides struggled to gain control of the banner, another younger male yelled, “Fight the good fight! Pull it away!”

Eventually, security approached one of the adult Yale fans and asked him to leave the banner alone.

Later, the student protesters stormed the football field during the halftime show.

University officials pleaded with the protesters over the loudspeaker to leave the field. They also reminded the crowd that the protest was not approved by the university.

In the end, the game was delayed for 30 minutes and 14 protesters were arrested.

“Student protesters have been camping out for 39 days,” the group wrote on the flyer. “Penn has done nothing.”

“We intend only to delay the game, not end it,” the flyer continued. “Penn can be a champion for climate and community justice!”

On the flyer, the group also asked that the university start paying property taxes to help Philadelphia schools and look out for families facing eviction in the middle of winter.

“Save the UC townhomes,” the group wrote. “68 families in the University City face eviction in the middle of winter.”