Climate Protestors Swarm Biden White House, Police Called And Democrat Statue Vandalized

I mean to protest a climate insurrection that happened at the White House, and the Federal Bureau of Investigations wasn’t even invited, but the police were called.

An Andrew Jackson statue was the target because of climate change? Jackson’s ideas and policies had absolutely nothing to do with climate change, and the figure should have been left alone. The writing on the statue said “expect us,” but nobody knows what that means. No other information was provided.

The group was called the “Build Back Fossil-Free Coalition,” and they took to the streets of Washington, D.C., and their goal was for President Joe Biden to do something about climate change. The group demanded the Biden White House end projects involving fossil fuels, but they certainly don’t understand how dependent the entire world is on fossil fuels.

If the group wants to make real change, they need to push the United States to stop importing fuel. Becoming oil independent is the best way to ensure that regulations eliminate carbon emissions and bring more jobs to the United States citizens. Closing the Keystone XL Pipeline was the wrong move for Biden, and importing fuel will have repercussions until it’s turned around.

The group’s website says, “Joe Biden, you must live up to your promises and take executive action to deliver healthy communities, millions of good-paying jobs, and a better life for people,” but what they don’t take into account is the tens of thousands of jobs that were lost due to the Keystone XL Pipeline being stopped by executive order. Biden delivered on that promise, and it’s not working out so well. The vehicles those people drove to Washington, D.C., in used gas priced considerably higher than it would have been had the United States not started importing oil.

Biden encourages other countries to bring in more oil which is more expensive given the shipping costs. It doesn’t make the environment any better either, as stated above.

The group’s website also noted that Biden needs to declare a climate emergency and says that “environmental racism” shouldn’t exist. What is environmental racism, you ask? It’s assumed that minorities live in areas that have a disproportionate amount of pollution. It can be said that better infrastructure should come to poor communities, but they skip over the fact that it’s not only minority populations that have more pollution around them. Many rural areas have paper mills, coal mines, and many other factors that create jobs and manufacture things people need. Not to mention that even electric vehicles run on coal power.

The protesters also chanted “quit your job,” which is interesting because they want better-paying jobs, and maybe some politicians should quit. Let’s start with Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and work our way down.