Clinton Still ‘Trends’ But A Possible Court Case Would Mean ‘Disaster’ For Anyone Who Continues To Support Her

Hillary Clinton is an icon and an inspiration to everyone. It’s even more frustrating to look at everyone who still holds Clinton on a high horse like she hasn’t been one of the shadiest politicians and first lady’s that the country has ever seen.

With more information coming out about the Durham report, Clinton isn’t looking excellent in the upcoming future. Even worse is that Vice President Kamala Harris invited Clinton to the White House to advise her on being a leader. That’s sure to backfire.

Marc E. Elias, the Founder of Democracy Docket, tweeted:

Clinton may be the defendant on a court docket sometime soon, so Elias may need to watch his words. He may get what he’s asking for and hopefully sooner than later.

Richard Grenell responded:

Aside from any court case or conviction, facts matter. Voters are interested and obligated to know what their politicians are involved with, and Clinton doesn’t have an excellent track record.

Even when you consider the lengths she went to make sure she silenced anyone accusing former President Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct.

Skeptical Stoic tweeted:

More votes don’t mean a secure vote, and it doesn’t mean a fair election. When it comes to electing an official, quality over quantity is the only thing that matters. Not just in the substance of voting and authenticity of the vote, but also the authenticity of the elected. Both the Republican and Democrat parties push out candidates from their parties, which means they recognize who aligns with their beliefs and who doesn’t. It’s not that it’s a bad thing, but a necessary thing.

Hillary Clinton is better off not getting involved anymore. Another defeat would ensure her defeat forever, which would be a good thing, but the chance of a win should be terrifying to anyone who cares about this country.