CNN: Democrats Are In Trouble In The Midterm Elections

On Thursday, CNN released a harsh analysis of their latest poll which is alarming for many Democrats. The poll showed that the Biden Administration is failing on multiple fronts.

CNN came to terms with the fact that the Biden administration has lost its standing with the people. They have no faith in him to deliver financial security or lead America to prosperity.

As described by CNN, the entire Democratic Party is facing a looming political disaster as the midterm elections are coming closer. This is primarily because of the rising gas prices and the disastrous level of inflation.

The analysis shows that Biden can no longer deflect the blame for his administration’s failing economic policies, while taking credit for the economy’s post-pandemic rebound.

Democrats have reached a position where the party is urging Americans that the economy is doing great and the people are experiencing it in shambles.

Although CNN is not disclosing anything new, it is still a considerable feat, given their allegiance to the party. Several news media outlets and most of the population have already realized Biden’s failures, and CNN is just confirming everyone’s suspicions for good.

The results of the SSRS poll, which was conducted between April 28th and May 1st, were so bad that there was no way to spin the story positively. Many Americans believe that the Biden administration’s policies are damaging the economy.

The poll showed that around 8 in 10 people believed the government was not handling inflation as well as it should. Setting a new record, only 23% of people thought the economic conditions were good. These ratings have been at an all-time low since November 2011.

Overall, Biden’s approval rating regarding the economy was only 34%, as 66% disapproved. Such news did not stop the Biden administration from pushing misinformation as the White House economic adviser Jared Bernstein stated that Americans should be more nuanced when talking about the economy.

Bernstein explained how the current administration is doing its best to combat inflation as he praised Biden for working on other fronts like tackling port congestion, ending supply chain crisis and lowering energy prices.

However, it is doubtful that they will be able to change people’s opinions.