CNN Targets Tucker Carlson’s Tour, Pressures Ticketmaster To Blacklist

CNN is reportedly pressuring Ticketmaster to block ticket sales for Tucker Carlson’s upcoming tour. Carlson, who recently left Fox News, announced a 15-city speaking tour starting September 4 in Phoenix, Arizona, featuring guests like Russell Brand. The tour aims to engage audiences ahead of the presidential election.

Carlson stated, “The United States is going to be one intense place this fall… so we thought, what better time to hit the road and see the country.” He promised the events would be “fun and interesting” and include real-time responses to current events.

CNN has criticized Ticketmaster for facilitating the tour, arguing that Carlson and his guests, including Alex Jones and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), spread “dangerous and hateful rhetoric.” CNN’s article claimed, “Ticketmaster is linking arms with right-wing extremists, boosting their ability to reach mainstream audiences.”

Giuliani’s lawyer, Joe Sibley, praised the motion as a clear indicator that the media and social media giants engaged in election interference during the 2020 presidential race.

Sibley pointed out that these entities falsely branded the New York Post’s story about the laptop as “hacked” or “disinformation,” thus hindering public access to critical information. He highlighted that the dismissal, along with Hunter Biden’s conviction based on the laptop evidence, serves as a vindication for Giuliani, Costello, and the journalists who reported the story.

Despite these accusations, Ticketmaster has not responded to CNN’s requests for comments. CNN also reached out to venues hosting Carlson’s tour, including the Honda Center and T-Mobile Center, but received no replies.

CNN’s aggressive stance has been met with criticism from conservative circles, accusing the network of attempting to censor free speech and interfere with legitimate political discourse. Tucker Carlson’s tour, featuring other notable figures like Megyn Kelly and Kid Rock, is expected to draw significant attention and potentially rival mainstream media events.

The tour’s controversy underscores the ongoing battle over free speech and media bias, highlighting the tensions between conservative voices and mainstream media outlets like CNN.

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