CNN’s Beloved Anchors Will Be “Behind A Paywall” Starting In The Spring

Slowly but surely, all of the top CNN staff and personalities are being faded out and replaced. Don Lemon is being given a spot on CNN’s paid streaming service that will indeed get shut down as soon as CNN realizes that people will not pay for their garbage service.

It’s no surprise that nobody is watching CNN for free. The theory that a paid service will be viewed more, much less more popular, is ridiculous. Coming in at $5.99 per month will help the network pay its bills or give them a fresh face. If they wanted a fresh new look, they would hire different people.

CNN announced Don Lemon’s spot by tweeting, “@DonLemon is coming to #CNNPlus, and he’s making his voice heard. Stream his new talk show, The Don Lemon Show, this spring.”

Lemon’s voice is already heard on CNN’s Don Lemon Tonight, totaling 555,000 viewers between 25 and 54. There were 125,000 at 10 pm and an average of 414,000 at 11 pm. There are conservatives with a higher viewership on TikTok.

Overall, Tucker Carlson is still the highest-rated cable news program and sat on top for 2020. It’s not a surprise. Carlson is more of a news entertainer rather than a reporter. Carlson is willing to bring on guests that contribute a lot to society.

The biggest thing CNN needs to do is read the room. They have to fix their network first before diving into an app and charging $5.99 per month for it. Netflix is $9.99 a month for their basic plan, which will provide plenty of entertainment for only $4.00 a month more than CNN’s paid service.

CNN plus does say, “This is your chance to get involved and be a part of the conversation. Engage with CNN anchors, experts, and special guests in live, interactive conversations that help answer your questions on the topics that matter most to you.”

CNN’s history doesn’t show a lot of interactions with anyone besides those who agree with them, so what makes anyone think that there’s going to be real interactions going on?

That’s how you know this is all fake. If CNN wanted to engage with the public, they could do a live streaming service for free and bring in more people to engage with rather than put it behind a paywall. That would bring a lot of trolls to their program, and that’s likely what they want to avoid, but it would give the anchors the chance to speak directly to the viewers in an off-script manner.

Whether it succeeds or fails, it doesn’t matter. The network isn’t going to get better until they choose to. The best advice CNN should take is to stop targeting people like Joe Rogan and start telling the truth. That will turn the network around.