This Critical Senate Race Is Being Led By A Conservative NFL Star

Reasonable minds are prevailing. After the elections that just occurred, it’s evident that Americans are more supportive of Republican candidates than there were just a year ago when President Joe Biden became president. The 2022 midterm is expected to follow the same trend as Democrats trying to push their agendas on America, and it’s not working. Not for the people and not for the future.

Herschel Walker is one of the Republicans already campaigning for the 2022 midterm election, and his poll numbers are growing by the day.

Walker has taken the Georgia GOP by storm and is expected to win the primary. There’s almost no chance for the other candidates unless circumstances severely change when the primary candidate is decided. On Message Inc. ran a poll of Moderate, Conservative, Under 55, and Over 55. Walker got 75% of the vote in total, while each demographic was about 60%.

After former President Donald Trump gave his support to Walker, his popularity is unsurpassable at this point.

The poll also says, “As expected, Walker enjoys near-universal name identification among GOP primary voters, at 74% favorable, and 6% unfavorable. Only 21% have no opinion or have never heard of Walker. It’s worth noting that there is no gender gap in the GOP primary, neither on the ballot or Walker’s image.”

Mitch McConnell said Walker was “the only one who can unite the party, defeat Senator Warnock, and help us take back the Senate.”

Even though there’s almost no doubt that Democrats will keep the House and Senate with the small majority that they do, Walker will be a great candidate to have on the Republican side.

Though Walker has an edgy past, he’s currently a business owner and author. When Walker wrote his book “Breaking Free,” he said in an interview, “people say, ‘Herschel is just trying to write something to make money.’ I say, ‘Guys, why would I write something like this to make money?’”

The book talks about Walker’s troubled past and coming out of bullying, and being overweight. It’s an inspirational story meant to serve as an example rather than a marketing scheme.

At this moment, it appears that Republicans are going to take the 2022 midterm by a landslide. Democrats aren’t getting more popular with their policies, and if they continue down the same path, they won’t be in 2022 either.