Cori Bush “Hates” Firearms But Her Security Team Sure Doesn’t

Elected officials should be protected in case of a disastrous situation, not only from people who wish them hard but also from natural disaster situations and spontaneous crime that could happen near them. That’s not a complex concept to understand, but some elected officials take their hypocrisy to a new level.

Cori Bush (D-MO) is a socialist that doesn’t believe in the constitution or individual rights. If Bush had anything to do with it, you wouldn’t own a firearm or have freedom of speech.

Bush has to have security, and the best security to have is right-wing, pro-second amendment, and Constitutional individuals and companies. That’s what Bush has done.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Bush spent more than $90,000 on security from Peace Security LLC and $50,000 in the last quarter alone.

Isn’t it so funny that Democrats are open about banning legislation on voting but are very forward to legislating gun ownership? Guns can kill people; politicians can do the same. Your vote should be just as secure as Democrat politicians want your firearms. And if identification is required for firearms but not for voting, then either require it or get rid of the identification requirement for firearm ownership. It’s simple.

While Bush pushed gun control to limit citizens’ access to firearms, she pushed a pro-second amendment company forward when she hired them. That’s a good thing, but why isn’t Bush on board with allowing citizens the same right to protection that she utilizes?

In 2020, protesters and rioters entered a gated neighborhood where a couple stood outside their home with firearms in their hands. They were charged and then pardoned, which made Bush very angry.

Bush said, “They pointed their guns recklessly to a group of non-violent protesters walking down a street that had no clue that they lived there.”

It doesn’t matter who lives there. It was a house, and the likelihood of it being occupied was very high. The couple was on their property and did not expect not to defend themselves had the situation come up. The alternative was to potentially have their home burned down or damage done by the protesters.

Peace Security LLC posted a picture on their social media page with a female holding a firearm, saying, “This stops the assault, not a whistle.”

What does Bush think about that? Is that too pro-second amendment for a female to protect herself?

The firm noted that gun control measures were inherently racist and most of the Democrats in office pushing for voting rights agree with that.

If requiring someone to have an identification to vote is racist, then requiring it for a firearm is racist as well. Good luck arguing with that, Bush. Keep hiring security so you can be protected from your bad decisions.