Coronavirus Derangement Is How You Get Dems To Support Trump

At the height of political tensions in the world in 2020, with half the world locked down and the U.S. elections right around the corner, many conservative commentators wondered aloud what would Democrats even do with their lives if they didn’t have Donald Trump in office to talk about all day?

Though I cannot find them without some considerable time in the search bar, I imagine the reader will trust that I am accurately reporting there have been polls on Twitter asking who the next big villain of the right would be if Donald Trump were out.

Mike Pence, Trump’s vice president and the former governor of Indiana, along with a resurgence of straight-faced, evangelical conservatism in center-right politics.

Many would agree that Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, fought most vocally and effectively among governors against the rise of medical policing in the Sunshine State?

Rand Paul, the junior Senate delegate from Kentucky, holds the same distinction as Gov. DeSantis regarding the coronavirus hysteria in the U.S. Congress?

How would any of these do with a Democrat in the White House?

Partisan politics requires steadfast mental derangement to comport with its requirements to continue thriving in our halls of government and conversations among even otherwise respectable people. And to continue spreading an infectious plague on our government, as well as our individual and social mental health.

The Trump derangement on display at total volume for four straight years was a rotten farce of all the dangerously pretentious, sophomoric, immoderate animus and more that, of course, the deranged projected onto Trump and said it was him. It wasn’t. It was them.

This politics of personality, of sophistry, of seeking out every false advantage against one’s adversaries that one can find, of spreading and delighting in malicious rumors and gossip and getting lost in them, of losing deliberately and hysterically all sense of purpose, proportion, and procedure. Trump Derangement Syndrome was merely an unusually virulent and potent species of this contagion that ails the republic and so many of her citizens.

TDS is how the Democrats elected Joe Biden to replace Trump in 2020, despite Biden being in substance more like the mirage of Trump conjured up by social media talkers than the real Donald J. Trump.

That brings us to a news article from Saturday at TheBlaze that reports that the president has enacted a travel ban from 8 African countries for lame coronavirus reasons. The only problem is his tweets are still up calling Donald Trump xenophobic for doing just that. Doublethink looks hilarious in the era of the digital archive. Anybody left approving of Biden at this point is a Gallup graph of Coronavirus Derangement Syndrome.