COVID-19 Vaccine In Children Under 5 Will Only Show A ‘Negative Effect’

“Trust the science” and “One is too many” used to be terms used by the left to describe COVID-19 and gun violence. Those terms have been abandoned, or at least selectively applied for circumstances that the left wishes to prove that they’re sympathetic to specific causes.

COVID-19 vaccinations for children, especially the younger ones, don’t make sense. The science will show that there’s less than a .1% chance of a child passing away from the COVID-19 virus, and pushing a vaccine on them may cause an excellent fatality rate than the virus itself. If even .5% of children who take the vaccine pass away, the solution was far more harmful than the problem intended to fix.

We’re no longer in the pandemic phase of COVID-19, and with that comes a calming of mandates and executive orders for the COVID-19 vaccine, right?

Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “As we exit the full-fledged pandemic phase of COVID-19, which we are undoubtedly approaching, these decisions will increasingly be taken at the local level rather than centrally decided or mandated. There will also be a greater number of people making their own decisions on how to cope with the illness.”

It seems not everyone got the message. Governor Phil Murphy (D-NJ) just signed an executive order for COVID-19 vaccines.

The order says, “Healthcare facility covered workers who are not subject to the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate for health care settings, as well as high-risk congregate care covered workers, will have until February 16, 2022, to obtain their first dose of the primary series of a COVID-19 vaccination and submit proof of vaccination by March 30, 2022.”

That doesn’t sound like a choice.

Now, Pfizer is delaying a request for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for children under five until the trials are completed because they feel that a third dose “may provide a higher level of protection in this age group.”

It certainly didn’t matter if the trials were for the booster shots in adults when the White House pushed their OSHA mandate for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The plan is to authorize the first two doses, and they delayed a meeting that would publish data collected so far.

According to TheBlaze, “Pfizer’s experiment thus far has found no benefit for those children, and even the most conservative assessment of adverse occurrences makes this undertaking all risk and no reward. There is, of course, no trial on the current variant. Nonetheless, the vials were already being distributed by our Administration. That is a violation of the Nuremberg Code.”

There’s no chance that the COVID-19 vaccine, the way it sits, could have a positive outcome for children. Given the low death rate and the low severity among children, and the data available for adults that still contract COVID-19, the vaccine would either show no results or be worse when you factor in adverse events.

It is a game of “if some works, then more will be better,” and nobody should be willing to use their child to test the theory.

Pfizer believes that the Federal Drug Administration will approve the EUA and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said, “I think they will be pleased with the data, and they will approve.”

Why did the meeting get called off if that were the case?

Where are the governors who are stopping this? Where is the White House?