Critics Blast White House for Claiming ‘Zero’ Inflation: ‘Lying to Everyone’

Conservatives are roasting President Joe Biden, accusing him of “lying to everyone” by claiming that there was “zero” inflation for the month of July.

Biden outraged many people on Twitter on Wednesday by attempting to spin the current inflation rate as “zero inflation.”

“Before I begin today, I want to say a word about news that came out today relative to the economy. Actually, I just want to say a number: Zero,” the president said during a speech at the White House.

“Today we received news that our economy had zero percent inflation in the month of July,” Biden claimed.

Unfortunately for the president, that was a blatant lie. According to Fox Business, the latest Consumer Price Index number “rose 8.5% in July from a year ago, below the 9.1% year-over-year surge recorded in June.”

The inflation rate was less than the CPI number in June, which led Fox News to attempt to charitably spin Biden’s lies by saying “Perhaps Biden meant ‘zero’ as in ‘zero increase’ in inflation.”

Regardless of what the president supposedly meant in his comments, he deliberately misled the American people. Any person just passively hearing the remarks may have interpreted them exactly as he said, and believed that inflation truly went down to “zero,” instead of the truth that, according to Fox Business, inflation “slowed in July for the first time in months.”

Despite decreasing slightly, inflation has only decreased slightly from June, when it hit its highest point in 40 years. Essentially, inflation still remains almost as bad as it has been all summer — and it definitely isn’t at “zero.”

Critics immediately took to Twitter to call the Biden administration out on these lies.

The Media Research Center shared the actual inflation rate, tweeting, “Biden says there is 0% inflation. CPI was 8.5% for July.”

Wall Street Journal film critic Kyle Smith replied to the clip, writing: “not a slip of the tongue either, he actually meant to say this.”

“Fact checkers all took the summer off,” responded The Spectator editor Stephen L. Miller, mocking the fact that the president could get away with such a blatant lie.

ACT for America founder Brigitte Gabriel accused the president of “lying” from the White House podium, writing, “Joe Biden is lying again. Inflation is not at 0% in July, it’s at 8.5%. Where are the fact checkers to call out this disinformation?”

American Greatness senior fellow Ned Ryun asserted that Biden’s lie about inflation was just another part of the administration’s attempts to redefine everything to make themselves look better.

“New Leftist math: 8.5% inflation in July in fact equals 0. I mean, why not? Let’s redefine woman, recession, the very meaning of definition while we’re at. . . Oh wait, they already did that. . . Maybe they could change the definition of gravity and then jump out of a plane??” Ryun said.

Republican communications expert Matt Whitlock blasted Biden’s claims, arguing, “Highest food prices since Jimmy Carter and the White House is trying to convince people inflation is 0% and they’re doing great. They’re not just going to get crushed in November for failing. They’re going to get crushed for lying to everyone and saying it’s all fine.”

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) sent out a tweet countering Biden’s narrative, writing, “The price of food is up 10.9% from this time last year—another 40+ year high. President Biden can try to spin it however he wants, but the American people know that today’s inflation report is bad news.”