Cruz Gets Proven Correct When A Leftist Tries To Troll Him

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has been owned, or at least that’s what the left would think, by Aaron Rupar. Rupar showed just how idiotic he is by explaining exactly why Cruz has a right to criticize President Joe Biden for such a terrible job he’s done.

Rupar posted a screenshot of Cruz saying that Biden and Harris don’t care if gas hits $10 per gallon. The tweet says, ”TED CRUZ: Biden needs to sanction Russian oil and gas. TED CRUZ: Biden doesn’t care about gas prices back to back tweets!”

Cruz referred to the United States’ dependence on foreign oil after Biden took office. One of the first things Biden did was make sure that we shut down oil projects and oil production in the US because of climate change. The reality of Biden’s decision is that if people can’t afford gas, then they won’t use gas. That’s not how we do things in America.

The entire video can be found here.

Cruz responded on Twitter saying, “Putin funds his war machine and his invasion of Ukraine by selling oil and gas. Biden has imposed sanctions on Russia’s Central Bank but exempted oil and gas. Biden needs to get serious about cutting off Putin’s ability to wage war on our Ukrainian allies.”

It makes you think if Biden had this in mind the whole time. Waive Sanctions on Nord Stream 2 and in return, allow Russia to invade Ukraine so that gas prices would rise, inflation would be worse. The entire country would have something to rally around. At the same time, Putin could get rid of Ukrainian evidence from the Biden family’s ties to the energy industry and other ventures they’ve been involved with. Then again, these are only conspiracies. In six months, they’ll be fact.

Cruz also tweeted, “President Biden and Biden-Harris officials are committed to appeasing the zealots in the Democratic Party. They don’t care if gas hits $10 a gallon. It’s a price they’re more than willing to have you pay.”

Paying more for anything is nothing for those who make millions of dollars a year. Biden, Harris, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi don’t care if they pay more for gas because they can afford it. But for the average American, it’s not easy and it’s also not the only cost that’s rising.

Bringing everything back to America like Biden said he was going to do is the best thing that could happen at this point. If Biden wants to talk about job growth, he will have to place sanctions on China instead of Russia and return to US-based energy, which he had at the beginning of his presidential term.

The climate can wait, to be honest. There’s going to be a major shift to poverty if there’s nothing done at this point. The government can’t spend more money, the people need relief and the government has to give freedom back. A halt of taxes for a specific time should be in order. No questions asked.