Cuomo And The Health Department Are In Deeper Than We Realize

The left is caving in on themselves, and they’re slowly but surely taking each other out. Politico isn’t known to be a conservative, republican, or even a libertarian news organization. They’re a leftist news organization along with all of the other ones.

Politico tweeted:

The book is a disgrace to American politics. The disgraced governor championed himself for the pandemic relief, and by writing the book, he was bragging about himself and telling the world that he did a good job. Now, we know that he’s a dirtbag. Carnal assault allegations are heating up because now he has charges against him.

Politico interviewed some former state Department of Health officials and relayed, “In an interview with the attorney general’s office, Elizabeth Dufort described a “toxic work environment” in which state Health Department employees were not permitted to collaborate with their counterparts in the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene or other local health departments.” The governor’s office would also arbitrarily override specific metrics, such as which regions qualified for various Covid “zones,” which Cuomo used to define the level of reopening restrictions in different parts of the state. Furthermore, the office directed Department of Health personnel to share incomplete data on Hydroxychloroquine with the White House. Both incidents, according to Dufort, “raised ethical concerns at the department.”

Cuomo didn’t only lie about the Covid-19 patient deaths in nursing homes, which is probably why many people don’t trust politicians when they tell us Covid-19 data. Still, now it’s being found out that Cuomo lied about Hydroxychloroquine as well.

It should also give people a false sense of security when listening to the Health Department, locally or nationally when they give out health information. This story wasn’t being shared when it happened. It’s only coming out now. Health officials are to blame for this fiasco and Cuomo, and hopefully, justice will be served. The left’s agenda is coming apart at the seams, and it’s happening quickly.