Dan Crenshaw And Lara Logan Bring The ‘Most Disturbing Reports’ Out Of The Kabul Airport

Veterans and war zone journalists know more about the Afghanistan war than anybody else. Without being there, it isn’t easy to have a good understanding of what’s happening. Leftist media outlets have covered up the chaos on the ground, and misreporting has given Americans a different view of what’s happening on the ground. Press Secretary Jen Psaki and President Joe Biden are lying to the American people.

It’s not true when Psaki and Biden say they’re evacuating people from Afghanistan before the August 31st withdrawal date. Too many sources on the ground and too many close veteran contacts have come forward and confirmed that the United States military had been given orders to turn people away. Lara Logan, a journalist who has covered many war zones, tweeted that the 82nd Airborne soldiers are turning many Americans away from the airport gates where they have to go back into Kabul, Afghanistan, and put their lives on the line. Biden has admitted that his administration may have given the Taliban the names of Americans and allies to allow them through. Still, the Taliban isn’t allowing people through, and if they are, the U.S. isn’t letting them on planes.

It has been the most embarrassing presidency in the history of the United States. We have so much technology and so many resources that this is the best we can do? That we, as a nation, can’t provide security for the airport, hold Kabul, Afghanistan, and evacuate our citizens and allies? We have the most capable, ready, and willing military in the world that would do anything for their fellow soldiers. Yet, we’ve lost 14 military members at the Kabul airport because we trusted the Taliban to pull security at the gate instead of doing it ourselves.

Logan also tweeted, “If anyone is not paying att, the one thing you need to know about what is happening now in Afghanistan that will explain much of what happens from here is this: THE UNITED STATES IS DIRECTING PERSECUTED AFGHANS AND HIGH-VALUE TARGET ALLIES INTO TALIBAN CONTROLLED CHECKPOINTS.”

Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) also took to Twitter and told Americans that the U.S. is not letting people into the Kabul airport. Crenshaw has extensive contacts in Afghanistan and veterans all over the country.

Biden wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan in one way, his way. When push came to shove, he ignored pertinent intelligence data that would have changed the entire circumstance and given the U.S. the ability to put contingency plans in place. The U.S. knew months in advance that the Taliban was advancing through Afghanistan. The U.S. decided to give up Bagram Air Force Base, which is bigger and had a prison nearby that held thousands of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Taliban members. They’ve now been set free by the Taliban. The Taliban has hundreds of thousands of military equipment that the U.S. left for the Afghan military, and it totals around $85 billion.

Dereliction of duty would be the least of the travesties that the Biden administration could be accused of. Hopefully, Americans change their opinion of the Biden administration and realize that this isn’t a partisan issue and should be taken seriously.