Dan Crenshaw SLAMS Pelosi Dems For COVERING For Biden On Afghanistan Disaster

When veterans go all in, they’re all in. 110% dedicated to their statement or action. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) slammed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and all politicians that went along with Biden’s enormous mistake of leaving Americans behind in Afghanistan.

Biden’s priorities sit deep in his pockets. As Americans are currently stranded in Afghanistan, Biden took his Labor Day opportunity to visit Union workers and reportedly campaign for Gavin Newsom next.

Crenshaw wants answers, and he wants accountability. He told Fox and Friends that Republicans tried to get Biden not to go forward with such a silly plan and that Republicans have continued to push forward legislation that gets Americans out of Afghanistan and legislation that would block any attempts to recognize the Taliban as a governmental power. Both issues are bi-partisan and reasonable. Crenshaw said that Pelosi wouldn’t have it, and all Democrats refused to vote on it. These types of legislation would save hundreds, if not thousands, of lives in Afghanistan and push back against the Taliban for economic strengths.

The Chinese government is teaming up with the Taliban to give them economic resources. Since Biden decided to leave $83 billion in military equipment behind, the Taliban have been armed to the teeth.

Crenshaw said that the Democrats don’t even want to admit that there is a problem. They know if they continue with life as usual. While moving on, Democrats are trying to rewrite the history of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Still, history isn’t going to see the Democrats as the good guys on this one. The terrorism that will stem from the Taliban in years to come will be deadly and detrimental to the entire world.

The United States military invaded Iraq and Afghanistan because it was a hotbed for terrorism in the first place, and we’ll surely be back because of the Afghanistan situation that’s being created as we speak.

The accountability that Crenshaw is speaking of comes from the Afghanistan Withdrawal Oversight and Liability Act, or otherwise known as H.R. 5127 (I.H.).

It starts, “Congress senses that the United States Government should take every necessary step to evacuate all citizens and lawful permanent residents of the United States from Afghanistan, regardless of United States troop presence on the ground in Afghanistan after August 31, 2021.”

The bill will also force the federal government to state how many Americans are left in Afghanistan, prohibit any funds from 2021 to be used to support the Taliban whatsoever, and require the Secretary of State to report to Congress every month to submit to a Congressional committee any United States involvement with the Taliban.

Every section of the bill holds the federal government accountable and demands transparency with the United States and Taliban involvement and partnership.

President Joe Biden had placed the country in the chaos surrounding the withdrawal from Afghanistan and accountability for the botched job. This bill would hold people accountable now and after. The United States can’t play any shifty games with the Taliban for economic involvement and support for the Taliban. Biden would be the president to do it.