Dan Crenshaw’s Office Good And Fully Wrecks CNN’s Biden Simping ‘Fact-Checker’

Fact-checkers are on the prowl for misinformation. President Joe Biden’s administration not only has pushed for censorship of information they don’t like but have teamed up with Facebook to flag misinformation, so for anything to be labeled misinformation deserves a second look, especially when Facebook was banning parents of fallen soldiers when Biden’s decisions led to their betrayal and loss of life.

Bonchie, a Red State contributor, had CNN “fact check” an article written about Biden appearing to be nodding off during his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. The keyword in that sentence is “appeared.” Bonchie didn’t say that Biden fell asleep. Biden hung his head for 30 seconds and closed his eyes. What are we supposed to think about that when Bennet was glancing around the room like he wasn’t sure what to do?

Daniel Dale is the CNN employee Bonchie refers to, and when Bonchie wrote an article about the Taliban hanging a man from a helicopter that the U.S. so kindly gave them, Dale was quick to reach out to Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) for comment.

Crenshaw, a veteran, hasn’t been kind to Biden or the military lately, and the response should have been expected. Dale posted a tweet explaining that when he reached out to Crenshaw’s office, he got a response telling him that they would be happy to comment once Dale had fact-checked Biden’s message that all Americans that want to leave Afghanistan were going to be able to, which was a lie. Crenshaw responded and posted the emailed response, which said:

“I’ll get back to you on this after you have the time to fact check the President of the United States saying, “If there are American citizens left, we’re going to stay until we get them all out.”

That has to sting. But Dale was willing to post it for all to see, so he set himself up for that one.

The “fact-checkers” have to back off. It’s not helping Biden at this point. All it’s doing is pointing out Biden’s incompetence and inability to lead. And most of the comments aren’t false or misleading. They tend to be very accurate.

Dale doubled down and noted that Donald Trump Jr. Changed his banner to “BIDEN” with a silhouette of a helicopter and a man hanging from it, which solidifies that the story shouldn’t have ever been covered unless Dale wanted to expose himself.

It’s funny that Republicans have no problem going after each other when they do things wrong, but Democrats seem untouchable by their party. That’s going to be their downfall. You can’t solidify your base voters on lies because the entire party falls when they’re exposed, which is what’s currently happening. It’s a beautiful thing. Accountability is only found in the court system if you aren’t willing to check your party.