‘Dangerous’: John McCain’s 2014 Criticism Of Biden’s Appointment As Secretary Of State Was Spot On

Whenever the Democratic Party attempted to confirm anyone to any position, there were always a few red flags that things were about to go south. We’re currently watching David Chipman’s attempt to be placed as the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Director. There are plenty of warning signs that he will try to take America’s guns from every citizen he can. Chipman said that new gun owners should place their firearms behind the tuna they have stored up for the end of the world and leave it there. That’s a vast constitutional concern.

Back up seven years ago, when John McCain warned everyone about Antony Blinken while the Senate was reviewing him, he was correct. But Antony Blinken said that the United States military would be out of Afghanistan by 2014.

It’s not that McCain wanted to continue the war, but he wanted to make sure a strategic effort was put in place so that our exit would be smooth. He also noted that it would be disastrous if we gave a time frame, and why wouldn’t it? The Taliban has to be ready for the United States military to leave and take over.

Every time Blinken has been nominated for a position, it comes with republican opposition. He was involved in the Iran Nuclear Deal, which paid off the mullahs to stop their nuclear program. McCain was right all along.

If you remember, Blinken also screwed things up for Cubans. The Cuban people were rising against the government because they were tired of taking their freedoms away by their communist government. Blinken said that he stood with the Cuban people, yet hundreds of Cubans are in prison because of their actions against their government. The Biden administration did nothing to help the Cuban people. The only thing they did was make some lovely comments to the press about how they want freedom for the Cuban people. No action was taken whatsoever.

Blinken has been vocal about the crisis at the border, but he hasn’t done anything about that either. Again, nice words in press conferences and moving on to the next best thing.

Blinken’s tolerance for disaster should make all Americans and the world very concerned about his ability to hold his position.