Deadbeat De Blasio Misuses Police For Personal Gain And Gets Hit With Large Bill

New York City Governor Bill de Blasio isn’t only an idiot but a crooked politician that uses his power to hold people down. De Blasio helped paint the streets with “Black Lives Matter” while the Black Lives Matter organization burned down cities across the country and murdered people. He places a Covid-19 vaccine mandate on New York businesses so that every customer has to be vaccinated. He condescendingly appropriates culture because he wants to get people to vote for him. He has to know that defunding the New York Police Department by $1 billion would negatively affect crime-ridden neighborhoods across the city, but he did it anyway.

Like every Democrat politician, they want to hold police accountable and defund them, ultimately demonizing them. Still, they love using them when they need them for security reasons.

De Blasio has gotten a bill from the city for abusing his security detail by having them move his daughter’s furniture, drive his son around, and many other things.

According to NBC New York, De Blasio misused his security detail for personal and political purposes, and Inspector Howard Redmond “actively obstructed and sought to thwart” the investigation. Inspector Redmond runs the security detail, and the case has been given to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

De Blasio said, “There are several claims in this report, and there’s many, many inconsistencies and inaccuracies,” but the critical part to note is that “there are some claims in this report,” where De Blasio doesn’t refute that there are accusations, just that there are inconsistencies and inaccuracies.

If De Blasio is lucky, instead of eating a burger on TV, he’ll be making the burgers at New York City’s local fast-food restaurant rather than going to prison.

According to CNBC, De Blasio has nearly $320,000 in unpaid bills to the NYPD for his security detail for his presidential run that ended badly. The question is, if De Blasio used campaign funds for his campaign expenses and didn’t pay for the security detail, what did he spend the money on?

These are things that police officers don’t do for the public because it isn’t an efficient use of their time and resources. Their job is to protect the public and answer calls, not taxi around citizens anytime someone needs a ride.

The Department of Investigations specifically said that children of the mayor aren’t entitled to the same security detail and shouldn’t be using the security detail services absent an independent security determination that is necessary.

De Blasio said, “Look, I’m honored to be the mayor of this city, but my first responsibility is as a father and a husband, and so I think of the safety of my family all the time. Security experts must make the ultimate decisions when it comes to safety.” That doesn’t take from his inability to use security detail properly. De Blasio said that the Department of Investigations didn’t turn to the guidance of the people running the security detail as he did.