Defense Sec Lloyd Austin Ordered By House Committee To Submit Afghanistan Plan On Evacuations

Conspiracy theorists use the expression “deeper down the rabbit hole,” yet the primary distinction between a conspiracy theorist and a “regular person” is facts. When the facts are revealed, the conspiracy becomes fact.

As the withdrawal from Afghanistan comes to a close, more information is being discovered, and more information is demanded. Republicans are leading the way for accountability, but bi-partisanship is needed for anything to be done. That’s why there shouldn’t ever be a party majority in all three branches of government. It undermines checks and balances and pushes partisan spending and partisan legislation.

The House Armed Services Committee adopted an amendment that would require Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to disclose Pentagon activity surrounding the withdrawal of Afghanistan. The amendment would also force Austin to outline how the Pentagon plans to rescue Americans left behind in Afghanistan and force Austin to brief the House on the Pentagon’s plans for air support for the Afghan people, counterterrorism efforts, and surveillance operations.

Another amendment would add $24 billion to the defense budget and bypass Biden’s suggestion of $715 billion. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to make sure the United States defense budget is withstanding operations worldwide. China has been training near Taiwan, and a military invasion may happen sooner than expected, and Russia still has an embassy in Afghanistan. Both foreign forces are threats to the United States, especially with Biden in office.

The amendments would force the Pentagon and White House to admit their lack of action and prove that they had greater intelligence than they first claimed. The lack of movement caused 13 soldiers to lose their lives.

Accountability is the end goal. The American people deserve answers, and military and federal government leadership deserve to be held accountable. The bipartisan measures will take the federal government by surprise and may turn the tide in the United States to heal some division in the Senate and House.

Both parties are opening their eyes to failed leadership. The House National Defense Authorization Act passed 57-2. The Senate will likely vote similarly. Nancy Pelosi won’t stop bi-partisan support of amendments demanding accountability as much as she would like to.