Delusional Liz Cheney Compares Herself to Abraham Lincoln

In a victory for patriots, Trump-backed candidate Harriet Hageman officially beat Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) in the U.S. Wyoming House primary election.

Cheney and former President Donald Trump have long since warred with each other and the supposed Republican representative often found herself on the Democrats’ side on multiple issues.

Shortly after losing the highly publicized primary election, Cheney declared that she lost only because she did not “go along with President Trump’s lie about the 2020 election.”

“It would have required that I enable his ongoing efforts to unravel our democratic system and attack the foundations of our republic. That is a path I could not and would not take,” Cheney said.

She said her principles were the main reason for her opposition to Trump.

Cheney then compares herself to notable former President Abraham Lincoln, a strong leader in the Civil War.

“The great original champion of our party, Abraham Lincoln, was defeated in elections for the Senate and the house before he won the most important election of all,” Cheney said. “Lincoln ultimately prevailed. He saved our union and he defined our obligation as Americans for all of history.”

Quoting Lincoln’s well-known Gettysburg Address, Cheney said Americans’ “highest duty” is to “protect the foundations of this constitutional republic.”

Many Republicans were quick to criticize her Lincoln comparisons.

But, if claiming she was similar in action and principles to Lincoln wasn’t enough, she turned her sights back on Trump and the January 6 incident. She said that “America will never be the same” if people do not “hold those responsible to account.”

January 6 has been one of Cheney’s favorite topics and even joined the committee that “investigated” the happenings.

“At the heart of the attack on January 6 is a willingness to embrace dangerous conspiracies that attack the very core premise of our nation,” she said.

“Our nation is barreling once again toward crisis, lawlessness and violence,” Cheney added. “No American should support election deniers at any position of genuine responsibility, where their refusal to follow the rule of law will corrupt our future.”

Now that Cheney has lost her spot in the House, her sights now appear to be on a 2024 presidential run. If she won, she would actually have something in common with Lincoln.