Democrat-Communist Is Schooled On The Definition Of Communism

Democrats have to face the music, and they can’t keep blaming other people for their failures. It’s becoming more evident that they aren’t capable of doing that as inflation rises, and they blame companies for the rising prices and supply chain issues. Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation, even said that the economy is coming back around, and he also said that getting everyone vaccinated will help. It’s not clear how that will help.

Laura Fink, a Democrat strategist, was on Fox News talking to Charles Payne and was asked, “Is it time for the administration to start worrying about inflation?”

Fink said, “I think it’s been a concern for some time. We know that inflation is up. We also know that profit margins are up, with the biggest U.S. companies ranking in the biggest profit margins since 2019.”

Prices haven’t reached that level as of right now. Yes, things are beginning to cost more, and wholesale products are also rising with the price increase. Companies may be profiting more, but there’s no way companies are creating profit margins that are the greatest since 2019. And if they are, then that proved that former President Donald Trump’s policies were helping American companies make money while keeping their product prices low. Seems like a win for the Republicans.

Fink continued, “So, the Biden administration you will see focused on where there are those – the lack of competition in the marketplace. Things like meat processing.”

While it may seem like there isn’t a large amount of competition for meat processing, Meat Institute said, “In Fiscal Year 2018, there were 835 federally inspected livestock slaughter plants in the U.S. An additional 3,773 plants process red meat, but do not slaughter. There were 2,979 federally inspected poultry slaughter and processing plants in the U.S.”

Fink said, “That’s why the prices of poultry and beef and pork are up. It’s because there’s a bottleneck and a lack of competition with those processors. So, addressing that and making the American public aware that often it’s the companies that are raking in that dollar, and they’re making money significantly over and beyond.”

This and the oil industry seem to attack businesses in the U.S. that provide a substantially necessary product. There’s also an attack on the leather and fur trade that will hugely affect meat processing. California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a ban on manufacturing leather and fur products sold and distributed in California. Though the ban won’t be enforced until January 1, 2023, it will affect the economy, specifically the meat industry, in the meantime.

Payne responded to Fink, saying, “It sounds like a speech that the communist leader of China just gave two months ago against corporations over there.”

That’s the same move he should have made. Go straight for the throat and have no mercy. You have to call it what it is. It’s manufactured by communism. There’s no need for that, and it’s not an American value, but politicians have been pushing for socialist and communist agendas for many years.

Fink got upset about it, and after Payne tried to dismiss her outrage, Fink said, “You just called me a communist! I thought I would defend myself.”

Payne replied, “No, no. I’m just saying that the Chinese president – President Xi made the same comments just two months ago.”

CNN reported that a Goldman Sachs analyst wrote in a research report, “Chinese authorities are prioritizing social welfare and wealth redistribution over capital markets in areas that are deemed social necessities and public goods.”

That’s the same thing. Government involvement in private business is the downfall of a free society.