Democrat Infighting Picking Up As Mail-In Voting Begins In California Recall Election

The voting in the California gubernatorial election has begun. Even though election day is September 14, mail-in voting has started.

Mail-in ballots had no more than begun to hit Californians’ mailboxes when evidence of mail theft began to surface. Two persons were arrested in Fresno when they were found to have thousands of pieces of mail stolen from across the California Central Valley.

Two women were caught on video stealing what appeared to recall election ballots in Los Angeles on August 18.

The ballot is divided into two parts. The first question is simply whether Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom should be removed from office early. A simple majority of “Yes” votes will end his term immediately.

The second part of the ballot asks voters to select from among dozens of candidates seeking to complete Newsom’s term. If he is recalled whether a majority of all votes or not, the candidate receiving the most votes would become the governor for the remainder of Newsom’s term.

The Democratic Party in California has adopted an all-or-nothing approach to the recall, urging Democrats to vote “No” on the recall but to leave the second portion of the ballot blank. Some Democrats have taken issue with that strategy, as there are some Democratic candidates in the field on the second part of the ballot. Some commenters believe the party’s instructions will leave some voters confused.

One of the Democrats in the race to replace Newsom if he is recalled is 29-year-old YouTube personality, Kevin Paffrath. He has accused one California television station of censoring him after referring to Gov. Newsom as a “weanie baby.”

The polling data from recent weeks should be very concerning to Gov. Newsom and the Democrats. The number of survey respondents in favor of a “Yes” vote on recall has increased steadily, and polling data currently indicate the race is a virtual dead heat.