Democrat Politicians Aren’t Actually Smart, They’re Just Echoing What They’ve Heard

Of course, “The Squad” would be pushing to spend more money to get prices down as if that’s going to work. The Build Back Better Bill has to be paid back at some point, and guess who’s paying for it? We are.

If you’ve ever taken out a loan, you know that the bank has to recoup its investment at some point. Your payment might not be due the month you started the loan, but you have to make payments within the next month or two. If you already have to borrow money to survive, then those payments will be hard to come up with. It’s not sustainable.

Then again, radical socialists don’t understand the concept of leaving the American people alone. The higher the taxes, the more they can get paid.

Speaking of taxes, the Build Back Better bill will require the IRS to go after Americans to pay for the bill instead of raising taxes on the top 1%, which will trickle down and cause everyone to pay more for products.

To solve the problem of inflation and lower wages for Americans, Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) tweeted, “We fight inflation by lowering costs for working people. And we lower costs by passing Build Back Better.”

Whichever intern was tweeting for Jayapal that day, and they’ve got some more learning to do.

Inflation is up 7%. That’s not good. It’s not looking like it will stop or slow down anytime soon, either.

In November, NPR reported that the infrastructure bill would lower prices and bring Americans better wages. If both bills are supposed to accomplish this, why can’t the federal government explain it to us?

The only real accomplishment that the infrastructure bill will implement is more jobs. That’s it. Taxes pay for basically everything the infrastructure bill will go toward, and surcharges will pay back the trillions spent.

On top of inflation, there’s an ample supply chain crisis. DHL expected the problem to continue into 2023 before leveling out and getting better.

Representative Bobby Scott (D-VA) also chimed in, saying, “The Republican Party has no plan to confront the worldwide inflation crisis. The Build Back Better Act, according to experts, will alleviate inflationary pressures on the middle class by lowering taxes for working families and lowering the price of child care and prescription pharmaceuticals.”

Scott may not know this, but he can introduce a bill that would lower child care and prescription drug prices on its own rather than thousands of pages of nonsense that won’t help the American people.

If you can’t tell, the Democrat party is only echoing what they’ve heard from other Democrats rather than researching on their own.