Democrat Primary Candidate: ‘Biden Is Going To Get Creamed’

Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN), who is running for president against President Joe Biden in the Democrat primary, declared during a Monday interview on CNN that Biden is going to get “creamed” in the general election and his party is “deluded” to think otherwise.

The conversation when CNN’s Jake Tapper, host of “The Lead,” asked Phillips what he believes the biggest difference is between him and Biden.

The Democrat congressman responded by announcing that he would introduce “American Dream Accounts,” which he said would deposit $1,000 into a child’s bank account upon their birth so that the money can grow through the years and help them afford higher education.

Phillips explained that he would focus his presidency on childcare, healthcare for all, improved education, the border crisis and several other issues. He also pointed out that Americans are “fearful” right now for the future, while explaining his experience with attending a rally for former president and current GOP primary frontrunner Donald Trump — noting that the support that Trump has from an energetic and diverse group of Americans means that he is likely to beat Biden.

“People are really fearful,” he told Tapper. “Last night I saw a Trump rally outside of mine, I walked up to the line of people a mile long and I simply said hello. I was met with 50 people going to the Trump rally who were friendly, hospitable, thoughtful, some who said they voted for Barack Obama. Some said they were Bernie Sanders supporters. About half of whom had never been to a Trump event before. So for everybody watching right now, Donald Trump is on a big mission to win and Joe Biden is going to get creamed. And I just wish Democrats would wake up and ensure that at least we give it our best shot because right now I’m afraid we are deluded into a nightmare.”

Despite trailing far behind Biden in the polls, Phillips told the Daily Caller that he “already won” the upcoming New Hampshire primary, which is scheduled for Tuesday.

“I think we’ve already won the New Hampshire primary, because what’s going to happen tomorrow is going to show a weak candidate who’s not electable, and a candidate with momentum going around the country sharing a new vision of getting this country on the right track, common sense and decency,” he told the outlet.

Biden’s name will not be on the ballot in New Hampshire because of the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) scheme to remake the primary calendar, putting South Carolina first.

Biden “is obligated as a Democratic candidate for President to comply with the Delegate Selection Rules for the 2024 Democratic National Convention,” according to his campaign team. Democrats tried to bully New Hampshire into moving back its primary to fit their schedule, but state officials were unable to change the law, and now the DNC is refusing to even honor the state’s delegates, effectively disenfranchising an entire state.

According to CBS News, “New Hampshire was pushed back further in the party’s calendar, but state law requires New Hampshire to host the nation’s first primaries. State Democrats couldn’t convince state legislators to reverse Granite State statute, but they also didn’t try terribly hard, since they disagreed with the DNC’s decision. Anyone who runs in the January Democratic primary won’t be awarded delegates by the DNC.”

There is currently a significant write-in campaign for Biden in New Hampshire, though Phillips is trying to counter the effort, launching a website called “Not in New Hampshire,” to urge voters not to write in the president’s name on the ballot.

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