Democratic Mayor Of Del Rio Calls Out Biden, Harris For Absence Amid Migrant Crisis: ‘Why Aren’t You Here?’

More Democrat politicians are going after President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris over the southern border crisis, and it’s very much warranted. Thousands of Haitians are under the Del Rio, Texas Del Rio International Bridge.

The disaster of allowing at least a million illegal immigrants into the country under Biden’s watch is humiliating and should put them both in a shameful political place. Harris, who used to be vocal to the American people, has only made public comments in Vietnam and Saigon a couple of months ago and has since stayed quiet. Harris is trying to stay as far away from Biden as possible because the distance will give her a better shot when Biden gets impeached or the 25th amendment is enacted.

Harris was put in charge of the border six months ago, and since then, politicians have tried to get someone else to do the job she has refused to do. It wasn’t until former President Donald Trump said he would go to the border that Harris took that trip. First, Harris went to Guatemala to tell the people not to come to America and then to a peaceful portion. She does feel that Americans are dumb, but she has mainstream media to have her back.

Del Rio, Texas Mayor Bruno “Ralphy” Lozano posted on Twitter calling Biden and Harris out for ignoring the border crisis responding to Biden’s tweet about raising taxes on Americans making over $400,000 a year by saying, “Where is your plan to protect American communities at the southern border? I spoke to Governor Abbott today. We have developed a temporary plan, and we’d like to see yours.”

Mayor Lozano also added that Biden has a plan for taxes but doesn’t plan for the border.

The Congressional Budget Office said that illegal immigrants given amnesty would add hundreds of billions of dollars to the debt, and Americans will see that debt taken out of their revenue. But Biden has a plan for that as well, expand the IRS to make sure you can’t cheat on your taxes.

Lozano continued to troll the White House by responding to Harris on her posts. He responded to Harris’ tweet at a football game saying she needs to visit the border and a tweet where Harris said the U.S. is falling behind on child care. He said that America is failing to protect the borders.

More immigrants will affect jobs and America’s ability to move forward in life. Biden says he wants to bring the low class up and the middle class out. It would make sure that in no way, shape, or form that happens.