Democrats Ban Lynching But Not Gas Chambers, Child Sacrifice And Cannibalism

Thanks to the Emmett Till Antilynching Act to make sure that murdering people with ropes and trees will be illegal even though murder is already illegal in the United States. Maybe, this is because killing unborn children is not unlawful and they needed to add some detail on what forms of murder are acceptable.

As indicated by the NAACP, lynchings were brutal public demonstrations used by racist White people to threaten and control Black people in the nineteenth and twentieth century. It was especially prominent and problematic in the South. The NAACP clarified on their site but did not state that the last lynching happened 50 years ago. There are riots, fights and genuine conflict, but Congress invested energy to address this enormously significant issue: lynching.

It is outrageous to focus on a bill like this, highlighted by the Senate unanimous consent and the House passage of the bill last week. It was a narrow margin and close call with a vote of 422-3. Even Republicans seem to think lynching is horrendous and against the law. Why not make it even more illegal? Killers who should go to prison will be imprisoned. If they wanted to increase the penalty, why not make lynching punishable with death by hanging?

Nothing else of significance has been happening lately. Lynching and White supremacy have been so out of control that they required their immediate consideration. Congress was ready to pass the anti-lynching act that must be polling in the high 70% as an important issue for this country. We have all been clamoring for this bill but did not know it.

The bill was shipped to the anti-President Joe Biden, demonstrating how important this is. When he signs it, this frantically needed issue will finally be fixed. Someone in Congress has been working on diligently solving today’s most urgent problems and then we get to celebrate when the bill is marched out onto the floor.

Is this the greatest issue facing America right now? Was lynching devastating you? Does the cost of filling your gas tank or warming your home rank higher than forms of murder and torture like the lynching, the Iron Maiden and Chinese bamboo or water torture? If narco-terrorists were lynching, then we would address that problem. If Mara Salvatrucha, commonly called MS-13, lynched rivals instead of beheading them, we could crack down on them. Since Islamic terrorists shoot people, use suicide bombing or highjack jets, this law would not stop them.

Instead, immigrants are given telephones, money, and transportation around the country. Child lewd crimes are not included in the anti-lynching bill, of course. The destruction of gender with the celebration of transsexuality was also not addressed. Not to mention that this groundbreaking bill does not prohibit Vladimir Putin from nuking America. So, we need to go back to the drawing board one more time.

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer thanked God that we finally had done it after 200 attempts to prohibit lynching. Congress has erased this stain on America’s past and resolved the nadir of race relations in the Jim Crow south. Slavery was ended in 1865, the Civil Rights Bill passed in 1965 and finally, in 2022, we have banned lynching. It may be the most significant accomplishment of the Biden-Harris maladministration and sums up this tragic decline and fall of the United States of America.