Democrats Can Be Mad At The Rittenhouse Verdict, But Americans Are Waking Up And It Shows

America seems to be back in full swing. After the Virginia election, which might be a dud, there was the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and hopefully more to come.

It shows that average Americans can make a massive difference in the country’s direction, but even on a larger scale, Republican values are more popular than they have been in a long time.

New Jersey, Virginia, and even school boards are distancing them from the main branch. Half of them have distanced themselves from the National School Board Association after the main branch sent a letter to President Joe Biden to investigate parents at school board meetings.

Kyle Rittenhouse was found innocent on all charges, and the result is incredible. Leftists are losing their minds. Gregory McKelvey, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Black Caucus, and said:

Why? Who was involved that was a Black American? And even if there were, it’s a verdict, but not their ruling. Black Americans aren’t weak and to assume that they are is insulting.

Nobody wants their city burned down, and Kyle was there when the police and government weren’t. It would have never happened if people didn’t try to burn businesses and harm people.

The jury made the right call, and Rittenhouse’s actions were textbook self-defense. You can’t try to strip someone of their firearm as Joseph Rosenbaum did, and you can’t swing skateboards at people. If someone defends themselves, which we now have case law for, it will not end well for you.

Even though the Build Back Better Act passed in the House of Representatives, the massive spending bill will likely not die in the Senate because Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) have both said they aren’t going to pass it. There’s a growing resistance to the Biden administration in the Democrat party as Americans watch them fail and spend money to try to make Americans happy with their decisions. Vice President Kamala Harris is more unpopular than President Joe Biden even, and there’s no way that there’s going to be a second administration if they even make it out of their first one.

It’s about being a decent person. You can be mad about the Build Back Better Act or the Rittenhouse verdict, but take everything into account. The kid had to defend himself, and the jury took several days making sure they deliberated and the Build Back Better Act components, now and in the future, have a strong possibility of raising taxes and causing a spike in inflation.