Democrats Eager for More Spending Amid Historic Inflation

Inflation has grown wildly out of control, depleting the spending power of every American’s dollar. As the impacts of this disastrous economic situation are felt by more and more across the country, the topic of government spending has become a main topic in the national debate.

Americans are increasingly blaming government spending for inflation; however, Democrats are now rushing out to claim that this isn’t the case.

For instance, Biden declared angrily at a speaking event that government spending isn’t the cause for inflation or higher gas prices. Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has even declared that inflation is somehow lowering the national deficit.

Polls indicate that Americans aren’t buying such blatantly false statements. In fact, a recent Wall Street Journal poll showed the economy is now viewed by Americans as the most important issue, which doesn’t paint a promising picture for Democrats this November.

Meanwhile, as the economy, inflation and higher prices of gas continue to plague Americans, Democrats are eager to pass more spending bills, according to Newsmax.

Left-Wing Spending Proposals

During a Monday press conference, Pelosi declared that passing another coronavirus spending bill is an imperative for Congress. She also explained that at the very least, she wants a partial spending bill to be passed into law.

The White House is on the same page. According to press secretary Jen Psaki, a $22.5 billion coronavirus spending package is vital. Psaki stated this bill is going to play a vital role in America staying ahead of the virus and having access to supplies such as COVID-19 tests and vaccines.

Earlier this week, Pelosi voiced her disappointment in the lack of support for another spending package. Of course, Pelosi also found a way to blame Republicans, accusing the GOP of not doing enough to take on the virus.

Like the White House, Pelosi holds the view that another spending bill will keep America ahead of the curve, as it pertains to the creation of new vaccines for different COVID variants that may emerge.

Could Another Spending Bill Pass Congress?

Amid the ongoing problem of inflation, many lawmakers have adopted a more conservative approach to spending bills. This is certainly the case for West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin.

The senator maintains that spending more money will not cause alleviate the historic inflation being experienced by the nation. With Manchin’s vote being an important component to passing another massive spending bill, even if Pelosi does get her wish, it’s unlikely that the bill would make it through the Senate.

Republicans have repeatedly voiced opposition against heavy government spending. If every Republican Senators, along with Manchin, vote against a new spending bill, it will not be able to pass Congress.