Democrats Have Tried To Distance Themselves From ‘Defund The Police,’ But The RNC Has The Receipts

Trying to backtrack from a notion that you supported in the first place is futile when there is evidence that you invested it in the first place. Democrats are attempting to distance themselves from the “defund the cops” movement, which has shown to be futile. Crime rates are decreasing. Democrats want to defund the police, and crime rates are rising as a result. They shift their weight. It’s a vicious cycle that’s getting out of hand.

“Whether it’s Rashida Tlaib demanding an end to policing and incarceration, or Maxine Waters encouraging rioters to engage in violence, Democrats can’t be trusted to stand with law enforcement and keep Americans safe,” said Michael Adams, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee. The Republican party won’t let anyone forget who stood against law enforcement and ultimately emboldened criminals.

While many Democrats focused on police “locking up black and brown people,” Republicans concentrate on what matters: accountability. Accountability for decisions made and policies written that allow California criminals the opportunity to ransack department stores and pharmacies and for San Francisco, California, high-risk criminals to get $300 a month to not be involved in shootings. And you wonder why taxpayers are upset that the government wastes their money.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki even tried to say that Republicans were the ones that wanted to defund the police. She said it like everyone would go along with it and believe her. The more insulting part of it is what else is Psaki lying about?

After cities voted and approved defunding the police, they overturned the decisions when they realized that it was terrible to allow criminal activity to increase. Minneapolis, Minnesota, took $8 million from their police department. According to NewsWeek, the police department has shrunk by a third. Violent crime has been surging in Minneapolis, and Mayor Jacob Frey has called to refund the police after the city council took $8 million from the police department and invested $2 million in community safety programs and mental health. It didn’t work.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has advocated for police defunding, particularly after “George Kirby” (George Floyd) died in police custody. While Pelosi doesn’t always stay in her San Francisco home, it keeps getting vandalized. Her three homes are spread out from San Francisco, St. Helena, and Washington, D.C. The millionaire politician has plenty of money for her security. In contrast, ordinary Americans have to worry that their police departments will not be available to respond to calls when they need them.

Democrats are fighting a losing battle. One that Republicans and voters won’t forget.