Democrats ‘Implore’ Buttigieg To Do His Job And ‘Address’ This Major Issue

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg is back in the news. Are our politicians pleading with him to do something about vehicle thefts? That’s hardly Buttigieg’s job and should never be part of the federal government’s involvement whatsoever.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) said, “In particular, I urge the Department to collaborate with the auto industry and law enforcement to develop universal and established mechanisms for law enforcement to seek assistance from car manufacturers in identifying stolen automobiles.”


That’s called government overreach. In fact, in the private sector, that already exists. It’s called “OnStar” and many other programs that work just fine. Some are more accurate than others, and law enforcement agencies utilize these stolen vehicles. The owner tracks the vehicle through OnStar, or there’s a difficult circumstance that law enforcement has the authority to use the services available.

Durbin continued, “This will assist law enforcement in retrieving stolen automobiles sooner, identifying culprits faster, and preventing stolen cars from being utilized in other crimes, which will help reduce carjacking incidences.”

The only thing that would do is locate the vehicle faster. It wouldn’t tell anyone who the perpetrator is and stop anyone from using the vehicle in other crimes. That’s nonsense. Government regulation of tracking vehicles is a terrible idea. Just look at what happened when parents started speaking out at school board meetings. The FBI went after them. What do you suppose the federal government would do with the ability to track people’s vehicles? It can’t be great.

Durbin also said, “The auto industry must do more to provide law enforcement with the tools they need to combat carjacking.”

According to one report, cheese is the most stolen item and makes up 4% of all food stolen. Behind that are construction equipment and materials. Is there a tracker in cheese that Durbin suggests should be placed in every wheel? That would be as ridiculous as the government vehicle tracker suggestion.

Though there’s a spike in vehicle thefts, the most significant thing people can do is secure their vehicle and make sure valuables are out of sight. If your vehicle is an easy target, don’t be surprised when someone steals it.

Also, drive a stick shift. According to DriversEd, “18 percent of Americans can drive a manual transmission vehicle.” You’ll be much safer and less likely to have your vehicle stolen.

Federal government overreach has to stop. There’s an influx of authoritarian measures to control the population going too far from our freedom-founded country.