Democrats Lash Out at Andrew Yang over New Third Party

As Democrats struggle to get their footing before the upcoming midterm elections, many party leaders and influencers are lashing at formerly well-liked Andrew Yang for forming a new third party seeking to attract voters from the right as well as the left.

Yang has announced the launch of the non-partisan “Forward Party” with former Republican New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman and former GOP Rep. David Jolly (R-FL). The group says the Forward platform is summed up as promoting “policies that can foster free people, thriving communities, and vibrant democracy.”

Forward spokeswoman Mary Anna Mancuso said that the party is “unabashedly pro-democracy.” She said the party supports “passing laws and reforms that innovate and strengthen our elections, like Ranked Choice Voting and non-partisan primary systems.” She added the party believes that “creating more choice in our politics” is necessary for the “health and preservation of our democracy.”

The three founders of the party published an op-ed piece last week to announce the creation of the new organization. They wrote that the party welcomes “Americans of all stripes” to be part of their group without “abandoning their existing political affiliations.” They said they intend to appeal to the “politically homeless majority.”

Many Democrats are openly outraged at the founders of the Forward Party, describing Yang personally as a “GOP-funded Trojan Horse” who has “made his bed with the fascists.” One DNC leader has described the new party as a “terrorist organization.”

Twitter personality and radical progressive Dash Dobrofsky wrote that you are “either with the Democrats, or you’re with the Fascists.” He went on to say that Yang has “made his bed” with the fascists.

Democratic consultant James Carville told CNN that the Forward Party is “a really stupid idea.” He said the new group can only “bleed some moderate Republicans off of whoever the Democratic nominee is.”

Democratic star fundraiser Rachel Bitecofer described Yang’s project as a “democracy-risking vanity project.” She posted a tweet saying that she is “beating back an insurgent American fascist movement” that is helping “nazis seize power.” She previously sought a position on Yang’s 2021 campaign for New York City mayor.

The Guardian published an op-ed criticizing the new party, saying it detracts from the Democratic message that Republicans are “not committed to basic democratic and liberal norms.”