Democrats’ Latest Spending Marathon Makes Obamacare Look Good

Don’t you love to see Nancy Pelosi lose? You may see it when she fails her beloved infrastructure spending and budget increase.

The Democrats need 10 Republicans to vote on debt limit increases. They weren’t able to get it passed because they didn’t include it in the Reconciliation Package. On top of that, federal government funding ends on September 30th, so Pelosi hopes to jam everything she needs into just a few weeks of deliberation. Pelosi took her opportunity to call members of the House into the session while Afghanistan was collapsing and most of the world was watching as 13 members of the military lost their lives along with over 100 Afghans and many more military and Afghans were injured. How grimy can you be?

According to The Federalist, committees are expected to make recommendations for reconciliation by September 15th, and most of the meetings will be held over Zoom. It doesn’t show much effort for transparency if the Democrats aren’t even holding open hearings. Is the public going to have access to deliberation and these hearings? Is this going to be like Obamacare, where you have to pass the bill to see what’s in it?

Democrats don’t understand the consequences. Pelosi loves to smile for the cameras, but she fails miserably when acting out people’s will. With power and authority comes humble admiration for the position you hold. Pelosi isn’t modest in her authoritative position.

Pelosi will inevitably cause a government shutdown like we’ve seen before from the Democrat side and Republican side, but she’s going to blame Republicans. Inflation can’t handle any more spending, and you would think that our elected leaders would recognize that. If we increase the debt limit, our hard-earned tax dollars are going to pay for that. No American can afford to pay more in taxes and more at the grocery store and gas station. Gas prices have already risen over $1.50 since Biden took office. Without the oil independence that former President Donald Trump got us to, we’re paying other countries for our product here in the United States.

If accurate reporting existed and Americans would listen to the things happening, there’s no way they would continue to vote for the disgraceful politicians on the left and the right. I’m talking to you, Liz Chaney, you Pelosi puppet.

Come 2022, Republicans will win, and impeachments and accountability will begin, at least we hope so.