DeSantis Channels Tom Cruise In Campaign Ad Inspired By ‘Top Gun’

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has made national headlines in recent months for his all-out attacks on the so-called “woke” voices in the Democratic Party and mainstream media who oppose his conservative policies.

As his re-election bid hits its stride, he once again has his sights set on “the corporate media” in a new campaign video.

The ad clearly draws its inspiration from the “Top Gun” movie franchise and features the governor clad in aviator sunglasses and a leather flight jacket as he makes his way through the “Freedom Headquarters.”

DeSantis can also be seen in the cockpit of a fighter jet and makes it clear that he is there to lead recruits in the art of “dogfighting, taking on the corporate media.”

The important “rules of engagement” he references in the video include never firing first but responding with “overwhelming force” when under attack. In taking on the media, he further advises that his subordinates “never ever back down from a fight” and not to “accept their narrative.”

In addition to his focus on winning another term in the governor’s mansion, DeSantis has also been on almost every short list of potential GOP candidates in the 2024 presidential election. While some polls suggested that he was neck-and-neck with former President Donald Trump, the FBI raid of Trump’s residence in Florida has given the 45th president a recent boost.

Just last week, however, a University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab poll found that GOP voters in that state narrowly favored DeSantis over Trump — 47% to 45% — in a hypothetical matchup.

As pollster Michael Bender said of the results: “DeSantis and Trump are the two most popular Republican names being discussed for 2024, and DeSantis is edging him out in their home state.”

Only 7% of the poll’s respondents indicated that they would vote for someone other than DeSantis or Trump.

The former president indicated earlier this year that he has already made a decision about whether he will launch another White House bid and it is unclear whether DeSantis would consider going up against Trump in the 2024 primary race.

For his part, the governor has remained tight-lipped regarding his possible presidential ambitions. When a Fox News Channel reporter asked him in June whether he would campaign against Trump, DeSantis simply replied: “Nice try.”