DeSantis Continues To Oversee Hurricane Ian Repairs

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is overseeing rapid repairs across damaged parts of the Sunshine State in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, to the dismay of much of the corporate media.

DeSantis announced on Tuesday that he instructed repair crews to implement a temporary fix to a bridge connecting Sanibel Island to the mainland so that utility personnel could get to one of the last parts of the state without electricity to restore power.

The governor wrote in a tweet that he had instructed the Florida Department of Transportation to expedite a temporary repair of the Sanibel Causeway so that a convoy of trucks could make a one-time crossing to support efforts to restore power to all parts of the island. He added that further repairs to the roadway would continue after the convoy reaches Sanibel.

DeSantis announced at the end of last week that more than 99% of Florida residents had full power service reinstated following the major storm that hammered much of the western coastline of the state.

At that time, he indicated that only parts of Lee County were still without electricity, including Sanibel Island and Fort Myers Beach. He indicated that both of those heavily damaged areas will require complete rebuilds of their electrical service infrastructure. Previously, repair crews have only been able to reach Sanibel Island since the storm by ferry or on Chinook helicopters.

The temporary causeway repair allowing crews to reach Sanibel with necessary equipment and supplies is expected to facilitate the complete restoration of power to every Florida resident. DeSantis said that unless customers have extensive damage to their homes that prevent the restoration of electric service or are part of a system rebuild, they should be back in operation shortly.

DeSantis described the work by first responders everywhere in the state as a “Herculean effort,” adding that almost 2,500 rescues have been accomplished since the storm hit.

While the corporate media has been mocking DeSantis’s boots and his recent appearance with Joe Biden at a press conference about the impact of Ian, the governor has been heaping praise on the professionals and volunteers who have pitched in to help neighbors in the wake of the deadly storm that claimed at least 137 lives.