DeSantis Shuts Up The COVID Panic Pimps Yet Again

Predictions of Florida’s Covid-19 deaths have been very wrong. Even when Democrats say that Florida has more deaths than New York or any other state, it’s not correct to quantify the numbers. New York has a death rate of 2.5%, while Florida has a death rate of 1.5%. This information comes from easily researched data, and you can calculate the number of deaths divided by the number of cases and multiple by 100 to find the percentage. It’s simple math.

Florida has been open for over one full year and has kept its numbers lower than many other states locked down completely. The left has tried to scaremonger people into believing that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a murderer or that nobody can survive in Florida, but facts are more important than fear.

Aside from what many might believe, Covid-19 isn’t going away. The virus is similar, but not exact, to the flu and common cold, and since we haven’t gotten rid of those viruses, it’s unlikely that Covid-19 will ever be eradicated. That’s okay, though. The survivability of Covid-19 is 98.4 across all demographics.

According to the New York Times Covid-19 tracker, aside from August, where Covid-19 cases peaked at a 7-day average of 445 and 644 deaths, the state is declining in cases. Spikes happen approximately every six months. Something is said for natural antibodies and natural infection. Last August, without a vaccine, Covid-19 numbers peaked at 184 and 245 deaths. So, with the Covid-19 vaccine, cases and deaths are higher than they were without it. Interesting.

Actions speak louder than words. Florida is proving that Americans can thrive with Covid-19 around them and especially with the Covid-19 vaccine.

Even though DeSantis has advocated for vaccination, he still supports the right to choose and is vowing to fight back against the federal mandates that are in place. DeSantis said in a recent press conference, “No one should lose their job over these shots. We want to protect people’s jobs. These are folks who have been working throughout this whole time. They were put in a situation where they were made to expose themselves willingly to help others, and they did that, and we considered them heroes just a year ago. Now, you’re going to let them go by the wayside, and you’re not going to let them work anymore?”

Grandparents in 20 years are going to be talking to their grandkids about how they got their fortune, and their answer is going to be, “I got a vaccine.” With so many individuals being fired, people will climb through the ranks of corporations, police departments, and hospitals who have no right to be in charge but are forced to fill the role. Dumb decisions were made, as history will demonstrate.