Dick Durbin “Bashed” Biden Then Makes Himself Look Like An “Idiot”

The further your opponent is willing to go, the more lies they tell you how helpless they feel. President Joe Biden went way too far when comparing Republicans to segregationists and traitors when he spoke in Georgia about voting rights.

On a side note, why is it acceptable to take sports out of Georgia because of their voting laws, but it’s okay to allow the Olympics to take place in Beijing, China, while enslaving Uyghur Muslims? Seems hypocritical.

Biden said, “Would you rather be on Dr. King’s or George Wallace’s side? Do you want to be on John Lewis’ or Bull Connor’s side? Do you want to be on Abraham Lincoln’s or Jefferson Davis’ side?”

That’s a bit hurtful. Just kidding, it’s insulting, and it’s a lie. Biden himself was called out for his opposition to busing in the Senate by now Vice President Kamala Harris.

Dick Durbin (D-IL) joins the long line of Democrats who are coming out and criticizing Biden. Durbin noted that Bull Connor “set dogs on civil rights protestors,” and George Wallace said, “segregation today, segregation forever.” Durbin said, “I mean, isn’t that a little stark?”

Biden and the Democrat party have more in common today with segregationists than anyone in the Republican party. The COVID-19 vaccine passports will segregate Black Americans across the country and already have. Forcing people out of society isn’t a good thing and never has been. It’s time for Democrats to slow their roll and back off their ridiculous idea that this is all about science and understand that it will have lasting effects that will cause voters to vote against them when they’re excluded from society.

You’re watching the fall of a political ideology. Not fall in support for their causes, but fall in implementing legislation and policies that won’t help but hurt them. The long-run effects won’t end as quickly as they began.

Durbin also said that Republicans were taking “step by weary step to make sure that fewer Americans vote,” but that’s incorrect as well. Republicans and Democrats want people to vote, but voting in a smart, secure way is different from lessening security. The Republican party needs to push legislation to provide free identification to every American in exchange for voter identification laws. That is the only conceivable way to carry out the law without infringing on the right to vote.

There’s always been a burden of proof on the voter since the beginning of the US voting system. It used to be only White American male landowners, and while that’s a problem, the people who went to vote had to show and prove that they owned land. Back in the day, if you were to allow someone to vote without verification, there would be problems across the country.

Voter issues like fraud have always been a problem, and measures to ensure that there isn’t fraud have improved, so why not now? In the 1800s, there were glass ballot boxes to ensure citizens could see the votes go in and out without fearing false bottom ballot boxes. There’s no reason that voter identification laws shouldn’t be implemented federally.

Durbin ended up agreeing with Biden and by agreeing with Biden and saying, “Perhaps the president went a little too far in his rhetoric. Some of us do.”