“DISTRACTION”: Chuck Todd Accidentally Admits Why Joe Biden Needs Donald Trump

Without former President Donald Trump, there would be no President Joe Biden. The only reason Biden was elected was that people hated Trump. Without the attack ads and mainstream media coverage talking about the negative things Trump supposedly did, Biden’s cognitive decline, ridiculous policies, and racist comments would have immediately taken him out of consideration for president.

Every superhero needs a villain, but Democrats are doubling down about who is who when the villain is confused.

What Trump has done is bring a divide between politicians and the people. That divide is a good thing. It’s provided transparency into who these politicians are and what they care about. The Democrats are moving more toward control, and the Republicans are moving toward freedom. Democrats are in control of all three branches of government is a real problem for America. At no point should there be absolute control by either the Democrat or Republican party?

The problem with keeping Trump at the forefront of political conversations is it shows how bad Biden is doing. The mainstream media needs to find someone worse than Biden to fill that gap in reporting. There’s also a reason that CNN’s ratings are so low.

Democrats are coming out more and more and speaking about Trump and the “awful” things he did. Still, they don’t seem to pay attention to the things Biden is doing that could wreck the United States economy and put a more significant divide between the upper and lower classes.

With Covid-19 vaccine mandates on the rise and millions on the verge of losing their job over a personal choice, Americans are going to have to stand together, or they’re not going to be able to provide for their families. The once heroes of 2020 are painted as the enemy because it’s convenient for Democrat messaging. The propaganda surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine places fear in those who believe in the mainstream media and politicians. Still, those who question both aren’t buying it and are labeled as domestic terrorists, Covid-19 deniers, anti-science, and other derogatory terms that mean nothing. Just because someone chooses not to take the Covid-19 vaccine or questions the narrative doesn’t make them anti-science. It makes them question the science attributed to leftist ideologies. Science is constantly changing, and those called conspiracy theorists for believing the Wuhan Lab Leak theory have now been proven correct.

Journalist Chuck Todd said that Trump had created a “cult of personality” movement. He’s not wrong about the intention but wrong about the statement. Trump didn’t make a personality movement, and he gave an avenue for personalities to shine. That’s not to say that it gave racists or far-right-wing nuts a voice. Still, he gave a voice to Americans who didn’t feel represented by their government. He gave citizens the ability to hold their politicians accountable and not buy into the garbage that politicians would say and have no action behind it. You know, like Biden. What has Biden done for the Black American communities? Nothing. Unless discriminating against Black Americans with Covid-19 vaccine mandates, that would disproportionately affect the Black American Communities due to less of the Black American population getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

Todd also said that with Trump out of the way, the Democrat party’s problems would be in the spotlight more than they are right now. He’s right, and he’s wrong. Without Trump, Hunter Biden’s laptop wouldn’t have been exposed and plenty of other currently hidden things. If Trump won, more things would have been investigated with Hunter Biden’s taxes, laptop, and art deals, but now that Democrats are in charge, those things are swept under the bridge. Trump does provide a cushion for reporters to fall on when they need negative Republican talking points so they can ignore the Democratic party’s downfalls. That’s a massive disadvantage for the country. One party should never be protected in the mainstream media, but we have Democrat media outlets that pander to the left.

Trump isn’t done. He’s going to be back in the political arena in one way or another.