“Diversity” Is Damaging Our Military

“Diversity” today is damaging the real purpose of the U.S. military, which is to win wars.

Giving more importance to gender and racial goals, compromises the importance of merit and ability. Military leaders nowadays are favoring gender and skin color, rather than knowledge, skills and talent. This will create a weak army and incapable leaders.

Excellence is compromised when goals and quotas become superior to performance and capability. In the current environment, there is a growing suspicion that leaders represent the best of the organization which casts doubt on the leaders’ abilities. If a head is considered a ‘diversity hire’, they are always perceived as a suspect. Diversity is destroying trust as the hardworking women and minorities, who rise up on the basis of merit and performance, are often doubted.

The warrior culture is also being destroyed by diversity because of gender and race based quotas. Today, the military is elevating diversity over the concept of unifying diverse people into a single unified team. A warrior is not concerned about someone’s gender or the color of their skin, the warrior only cares how one would perform in a life and death situation. Warriors judge all team members on the basis of what they can offer to the team.

The large number of diversity programs are also increasing the military training costs. If more requirements regarding the social justice constructions are placed on the service members, they will have fewer time to focus on the actual combat skills. It is astonishing to see the pile up of non-war-fighting topics that service members are required to spend their time studying. It is time for our military leaders to prioritize talent and merit over social justice. Excellence should not be undermined.